An appeal to you, the cyclist!

Cycling is a great way to commute and with e-bikes becoming ever more popular in recent years, we are planning the first ever bike stations with e-bike charging in the lower mainland. We are on a mission to transform the way we move around urban areas and reduce bike theft. Help us get our bike locking and charging stations installed so our communities can benefit from it.

We have launched at UBC Vancouver Campus!

We are actively collaborating with cities throughout the lower mainland to implement our bike security technology.

We have launched an Early Access pilot of our bike parking solution at The University of British Columbia, Vancouver Campus. We will be integrating our e-bike charging capabilities in phase two.


Pre-Launch Crowdfunding Options

  1. Sponsor a full station for $ 5000 – get a lifetime free access to our network, mention on our website, a digital plaque on your station on our mobile app, and social media post tag
  2. $ 150 donation today – Save $ 195 over 2 years of regular Monthly Plan pricing.
  3. $ 80 donation today – Save $ 85 over 1 year of regular Monthly Plan pricing.
  4. $ 25 donation today – Because you are generous, believe in the cause, and want to help us get these in the ground!

How it works

With Green Spirit bike parking is simple. Use your mobile phone to lock your bike so there is no need to carry around your own lock.

1. Download and sign into our mobile app
2. Either reserve or ride up to a free station
3. Use the app to unlock the station
4. Place your bike in the station
5. Use the app to lock your frame and both wheels
6. Confirm and done!


Security & Convenience Matters

Our product combines bike storage and charging station in one. You can use our system with both bikes and e-bikes. Our enhanced bike security features will allow you to lock and unlock your bike with ease using your phone.

Our Regular Pricing


  • 7 consecutive hours per parking session at zero cost.
  • After 7 consecutive hours at one station, there will be a charge of $1.50 per hour.
  • Your 7 free consecutive hours get reset every time you park at another station with us!



  • For $15 / month, you get a 1 month free trial*, and an ability to park at secure bike rack for a maximum of 15 consecutive hours per session. After 15 consecutive hours at one station, there will be a charge of $1.50 / hour.
  • With the Monthly Plan, you will be billed on a monthly basis. You can cancel the Monthly Plan at any time after two months and cancellation will be applied on the next billing cycle.
  • Your 15 consecutive hours get reset every time you park at another station with us.
  • This is a pilot project, as a result all pricing is subject to change to meet the needs of the users.



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